We live in a world where we can go anywhere. Even better, everywhere. With the accessibility of air travel comes the opportunity to explore. At Pilot, we like to think we're all global citizens, commuting by cloud around the globe.

We also know the reality of travel all too well; sitting for hours on end, standing in queues, running across terminals, being stranded after a cancelled flight, heading from arrivals straight to a full days work. Looking travel-worn makes you feel travel-worn. Irrelevant if you're flying for business or leisure, your clothing lets you down. Crinkled clothes, a lack of temperature regulation and discomfort are all commonplace for on-the-go travellers.

Born from the desire to look and feel refreshed upon touch-down, we've designed a range of functional apparel that cater to the needs of today's traveller.

We’ve developed light-weight, practical clothing to get you from A to B. With a key focus on breathable fabrics, functional designs and fit-for-purpose apparel, on-the-go travellers no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style, and vice versa.

It's just as much about the journey, as it is the destination.


At Pilot, we believe there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way we think about clothing. In an effort to embody the change we want to see, the four following pillars guide our design process and production. 

01/ Seasonless. 

We aren’t dictated by a cyclical season. With a global customer, our clothes have been designed to cross borders (and climates). The majority of our clothing is made from merino which keeps you warm in cooler temperatures, and breathes in warmer temperatures. 

02 / Timeless. 

We’ve kept it pretty simple (and timeless) with our range. Choosing black as our core colour means our clothing can be paired with anything and everything, season after season. 

03 / Longevity. 

The longer a garment lasts, the better it is for the environment. Extending the life of a piece of clothing by just nine months can significantly reduce its environmental impact. We’ve made our clothes to last - Merino wool's beauty is that its odour-resistant properties mean you don't have to do laundry as much. Although it’s a challenge to our ingrained behaviours, we suggest you wash your Pilot merino only when needed - not out of habit.

04 / Partnerships.

Our partners are partners in the truest sense of the word. With production split between China and Aotearoa, we’ve been in partnership for over ten years with our makers.