CDMX City Guide

Mexico City is bursting at the seams. An impressive 21 million call it home, but it’s not the people that fill Mexico City. It’s the sights, the sounds, the smells and the things that can’t be captured by one of the human senses. It’s the feeling it evokes.

Mexico City is a treasure trove of architectural gems with colourful colonial apartments and beautiful brutalists. The Condesa and Roma Norte neighbourhoods are a perfect place to call home. Take a stroll along the tree-lined streets of Amsterdam Avenue, grab a coffee and a concha at Quentin and take a seat at Parque Mexico for serious people watching.

Part of the vibrancy of Mexico City is its soundscape. And just like everything else in Mexico City, it’s definitely not shy. Quite possibly the city’s most famous soundtrack is that of the scrap metal collectors that cruise the streets, playing the familiar drone from speakers on top of their pickup trucks. 

Mexico City’s dining scene is drool-worthy. Walking down the street is tempting enough. Jenni’s Street Quesadilla is a tiny stand at the corner of Colima and Merida in Roma Norte, where Jenni grills quite simply the best quesadillas you’ll taste. Taquería Orinoco and Los Bernadinos are equally delicious. If you want something more formal, we recommend dropping into Somsaa Wine & Tea Room or Masala y Maíz.

Mexico City is a city that exudes confidence, promising to challenge your preconceptions and reveal unexpected delights around every corner. With a burgeoning art movement, and an ever-evolving food culture, CDMX has become a hotbed for creativity and innovation. 

The Pilot City Guide: Mexico City is a hand-picked collection of our favourites, including the best in food, drink, retail and fun.

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