Airport Feature / Guelmim Airport Morocco

Guelmim Airport Morocco designed by Groupe3architectes

Integrated into an existing military infrastructure, the new airport designed by rabat, morocco-based groupe3architectes is built around three kilometers north of the guelmim city. 

the building is covered with multicolored light-filtering metal mesh panels, which still maintain the soothing hues of the desert.

The key points of groupe3architectes’ guelmim airport design are simplicity, efficiency, environmental control, and extensibility, which — as the architects claim — are the prerequisite for an airport’s durability. 

‘the main issue of the project was providing the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation to avoid expensive technical equipment while optimizing the view of the surrounding landscape, which facilitates movement and flow of the building’s users,’ says the team.

The building of the main terminal contains two double-height halls hosting the waiting areas, opening onto the landscape on one side and the runways on the other, protected by wide overhangs and a light-filtering façade. 

the low-emissivity metal filter is a patchwork of perforated panels that draw the shade and color the light, subtly evocating the decorative themes of the region.


Article by Ladislav Kubo for Designboom